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With Pressing Pause you will discover how to quieten your overthinking and overworrying mind, spend less time lost in your thoughts and more time enjoying your life as it is right now. Gabrielle Treanor, writer and teacher specialising in overthinking, shares ideas and inspiration from positive psychology, along with practical mindfulness and self-care techniques, actions and tools to empower you to lower your stress, build your resilience, feel more optimistic, improve your wellbeing and, ultimately, overthink less and enjoy life more. For more information, resources and courses go to

Aug 14, 2019

In our first new-style episode where I answer listener questions we have a brilliant one to start us off with.

In this episode we look at:

  • How to treat ourselves when we’re what if-ing
  • Different ways to deal with this particular worry
  • When distraction is helpful and when it is not


  • Find out about The Calm...

Jul 31, 2019

The break was a lot longer than I anticipated but finally the podcast is back and I have plans…

In this episode we look at:

  • What’s been happening that caused the break to be almost four months long
  • The (over)thinking that I was doing during that time
  • The new project I’ve been working on that is now at the...

Apr 3, 2019

By taking just a few seconds or minutes to hit the pause button in your daily life you can calm your overthinking, tend to your own needs, be more intentional and so much more.

In this episode we look at:

  • What pressing pause in your own life can look like
  • How it can help you mentally and physically
  • Ten different ways...

Mar 27, 2019

Stopping ourselves from doing what we want, being successful and happy, doesn’t make sense and yet we all do it. Overthinkers are particularly good at self-sabotaging as we overthink and talk ourselves out of so much. But when we pay attention to ourselves we can start to address it.

In this episode we look at:

  • How...

Mar 20, 2019

We can lose the sense of awe and wonder we had as children as we get bogged down with the responsibilities and worries of grown-up life. But feeling awe brings us out of ourselves, it reminds us that we’re not the centre of the universe and helps us to get perspective on life. And it feels good too.

In this episode we...